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Raising Safe Kids Seminar Notes

Notes from Introduction

Building Secure Attachments


Other Parenting Resources

Norton Family - Free online tool to help protect children on the Internet

mobicip - Safe and secure mobile internet

Common Sense Media - rate, educate and advocates for kids, families and schools

Famous People with ADHD - 19 famous people with ADHD

Identify Your School Triggers - Use this form to help children identify their school triggers

7 Habits of Parents of Highly Effective Students - by S.Covey

Problem Wheel - help your children work through a problem

Social Networking Guide - Five Lessons to Keep Your Kids Safe When They Socialize Online

Promoting Positive Behavior - notes from a behavior management workshop

Managing Negative Behavior - notes from a behavior management workship

Cyberbulling Prevention - Questions parents should ask

ABC's of Charting Behavior (español)

Active Play with Your Child

Bedtime Problems (español)

Make "Daddy Time" For Your Child

Discipline When Children Don’t Listen

Family Meals

Fighting and Aggression (español)

Giving Clear Directions (español)

Eating and Mealtime Problems (español)

Planned Ignoring (español)

Reading to a Child

Using Rewards to Improve Behavior (español)

Ways To Reduce Screen Time

Sensible Consequences (español)

Special Playtime (español)

Tantrums (español)

Time and Predictable Schedules (español)

Time Out (español)

TV Time for Young Children

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