The Peacemaker Center
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does The Peacemaker Center accept insurance? 

A. The Peacemaker Center is not in-network for insurance but clients can receive out of network reimbursement.  To check on your own plan call the member services phone number on the back of your insurance card and ask them about your out of network mental health benefit.


Q. Can the staff at The Peacemaker Center help me work through the process of divorce or file a lawsuit against someone who has hurt me?

A. The Peacemaker Center staff can help you work towards a better marriage and can help you with the hurt and suffering you may have experienced in past and present relationships. The Peacemaker Center is about repairing relationships and bringing true reconciliation between people. We will walk with people through divorce and issues of co-parenting. Generally, divorce procedures and assistance in filing lawsuits are not offered as part of The Peacemaker Center's services.


Q. Can the staff at The Peacemaker Center help me with grief and loss issues, abuse and emotional pain issues, and/or mental health issues?

A. Yes. The staff are trained to address past and present emotional wounds caused by a variety of life experiences. The Peacemaker Center is committed to helping people work through the process of healing and restoration.


Q. Can the staff at The Peacemaker Center help me work through problems with my family?

A. Yes. The Peacemaker Center staff members offer individual, group and family counseling to help with a wide variety of issues.


Q. Can the staff answer my questions regarding faith?

A.  The staff partners with churches and can respond and walk with people as they seek the answers to faith questions.


Q.  Am I able to contact the staff directly?

A.  Feel free to email the person you think will be a good fit for you. You will find their email address on their bio.

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